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Visual Experiment · 2012

Processing, Processing Augmented Reality Library, Webcam, Blender


Not In My (Virtual) Backyard, or NIM(V)BY for short, is a a collaboration I did with Adrian Phillips and Doug Rosman. NIM(V)BY explores the idea of underlying societal infrastructures, and challenges the relationship between the digital and physical space. The title itself comes from the political term "NIMBY," an acronym that stands for "not in my backyard." According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the original term referred to "those who object to the sitting of something perceived as unpleasant or potentially dangerous in their own neighborhood, such as a landfill or hazardous waste facility". Despite the risk of having a landfill or factory placed adjacent to one’s place of residence, at times such things are often necessary. In political colloquialism, the term is used for non-physical structures that are vital to the growth of cities and communities.