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Art Installation · 2013

Arduino, Plastic Tubing, Mesh Wiring, Fabric


Arboreal was an art installation commissioned for the 2013 Sungod Music Festival at the University of California, San Diego. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the piece was never displayed to the public, and was dismantled the morning of the festival. Regardless, I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to work with my very talented friends—new media artist, Adrian Phillips, and electrical engineer, Rishi Kumar—and the rest of the 2013 SGF Art and Decor Committee.


Arboreal symbolizes the circle of dependency in nature. Arboreal is an electric forest of abstract shapes that blink based on audience interactions. The tree structures were made of LED lights, wiring, fabric, pipes, and cement. Each structure was connected to an Arduino, which controlled the light patterns and processed sensor data from the ground.